Jasmine Sherman for President


Sherman is a native of New York, NY. They were born Jasmine Sherman, to parents Amanda and Thomas, the first of two children. Their parents worked labor and customer service jobs. Jasmine graduated from Northbridge high school in 2003. They earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in business from the University of Phoenix. They have a masters degree in Finance from University of Phoenix.


Jasmine Sherman is currently Executive Director of Greater Charlotte Rise, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to immediate housing relief in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. They experienced poverty and the foster care system firsthand. Jasmine put themself through school and has since experienced the world, living abroad. They returned to the U.S. determined to make a difference and with both knowledge and experience of both the benefits and pitfalls of other systems. They’ve combined their passion for social justice with their audacious attitude to create a new political party, the Unicorn Party, dedicated to cutting through the political rhetoric to enact critical policy. Their background in housing gives them a unique perspective amongst presidential candidates, having seen, worked with, and built personal relationships with the most vulnerable in our society. Their goal, put simply, is to simplify. Common sense policies and a penchant for pettiness make them ideal for the current political climate, one in which both style and substance are sorely lacking. Jasmine believes the promise of America has not been fulfilled . . . yet. Jasmine and their cadre of like-minded partners are ready to lead this country to a better future, one that works for all.


Jasmine Sherman wants to help the at-risk and vulnerable communities by providing Guaranteed housing, Landback, Universal basic income, Free Education, and Universal healthcare, for all. They also believe in the rights of the child, the rights to gender affirming care, ending the disability restrictions, restorative justice, abolishing the police, abolishing prisons, triple bottom line accountability for corporations, reparations, a progressive tax, an index living wage, immigration policy reform, sustainable energy, decriminalizing all drugs and sex work, age caps and term limits for all elected officials, and rewriting the constitution.


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