Tanda Blubear for Vice President


Enter the world of Tanda Blubear, a formidable warrior hailing from the Pomo Nation. With a heart as fierce as her spirit, Tanda emerges as a beacon of empowerment for Indigenous women across Turtle Island. From the depths of her ancestral roots, she draws strength, wisdom, and a profound sense of duty to her community.

Tanda’s journey is not just one of personal triumph, but of collective resilience. With unwavering determination, she ventures into the heart of her people’s struggles, wielding her heritage as a weapon against injustice. Whether battling systemic inequalities or preserving sacred traditions, Tanda stands as a guardian, a catalyst for change.

Her efforts extend far beyond the confines of her tribe, as she tirelessly advocates for Indigenous rights and amplifies the voices of her sisters throughout the land. Through her actions and words, she sparks awareness, igniting a flame of solidarity that illuminates the path forward.

In the tapestry of Turtle Island’s diverse cultures and traditions, Tanda Blubear shines as a testament to the enduring strength of Indigenous women, weaving threads of hope and resilience into the fabric of her people’s legacy.


Introducing Tanda Blubear, the driving force behind Women With Bows, a dedicated team of indigenous warriors committed to elevating communities and preserving humanity. Founded on principles of sustainability, compassion, and unity, Women With Bows embodies the spirit of decolonization and collective action. With a focus on mutual aid, public speaking, and community support, they traverse the country, offering aid and security in times of need, from natural disasters to everyday struggles. Whether it’s providing food, winterizing homes, or empowering unhoused relatives with Fifth Wind Sustainability training, Women With Bows stands ready to make a difference. Led by Tanda Blubear, they are a beacon of hope and catalyst for positive change in a world that desperately needs it.


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