Age Caps


We propose a comprehensive reform that addresses the issues of both age and tenure in Congress. Firstly, we support an age cap of 65 for all public servants, ensuring that our legislative bodies remain diverse and representative of the American population. Capitol Hill is currently dominated by the baby boomer generation, which makes up nearly 70% of the incoming Congress, a demographic overrepresentation that does not reflect the true composition of our society.

Secondly, we endorse Senator Ted Cruz’s bill, a constitutional amendment that limits senators to serving no more than two six-year terms, totaling 12 years, in order to prevent the entrenchment of lifelong politicians. We also advocate for similar term limits in the U.S. House, with a maximumof three two-year terms. These limitations would ensure that members of Congress are accountable to the American people and prevent the consolidation of power by a select few.

By implementing both an age cap and term limits, we aim to strike a balance between the valuable experience and fresh perspectives that our representatives bring to the table. This combination of policies will encourage a more dynamic, diverse, and responsive Congress that better serves the interests of all Americans.

1. Term Limits: U.S. Senators are limited to serving a maximum of two six-year terms, as proposed by Senator Ted Cruz’s bill.- Members of the U.S. House of Representatives are limited to serving a maximum of three two-year terms, also as proposed by Senator Ted Cruz’s bill.- Terms served by members prior to the enactment of this policy will count towards the proposed term limitations.

2. Age Cap: All public servants, including U.S. Senators, U.S. Representatives, and other government officials, are subject to an age cap of 65. – No individual above the age of 65 can run for or hold public office. – This age cap aims to address the concern of an aging Congress and promote greater age diversity within the government.

These combined policies aim to strike a balance between limiting the tenure of elected officials to prevent the entrenchment of political power and ensuring that public service remains accessible to individuals of various age groups, promoting diversity and fresh perspectives in government.


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