In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and in conjunction with our existing COVID-19 policy, we propose a comprehensive approach that includes a six-week transitional lockdown starting on the 92nd day of Jasmine Sherman’s presidency. This integrated policy combines measures such as mandatory masking, mandatory vaccinations, exemptions for religious and health reasons, housing initiatives for the houseless population, and transitioning individuals impacted by the carceral system to secure housing. During the lockdown, citizens will receive support through social programs, including food, supplies, and bill payments, facilitated by a delivery system akin to Instacart and aided by the National Guard.

Comprehensive COVID-19 Measures:

1. Mandatory Masking:

  • Requirement: All individuals in public spaces, indoor or outdoor, are required to wear masks that cover their nose and mouth at all times, except when eating, drinking, or in a private residence.
  • Enforcement: Non-compliance may result in fines or penalties, with a focus on education and community support for those who have difficulty obtaining masks or understanding the importance of masking.

2. Mandatory Vaccinations:

  • Vaccination Requirement: All eligible individuals must receive a COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Exemptions:
    • Religious Exemption: Citizens may request a religious exemption from vaccination, provided they submit a sincere written statement of religious objection.
    • Medical Exemption: Medical professionals are not eligible for exemptions, but individuals with certified health conditions preventing vaccination may be exempt.
  • Enforcement: Regular vaccination checks and educational campaigns will be conducted to encourage compliance.

Transitional Lockdown and Supportive Measures

1. Transitional Lockdown:

  • Purpose: The transitional lockdown aims to address homelessness and provide housing for those impacted by the carceral system while mitigating the spread of COVID-19.
  • Housing Initiatives: Comprehensive efforts will be made to identify and provide stable housing for the houseless population.
  • Carceral System Transition: Individuals currently impacted by the carceral system will be transitioned to secure housing options with support programs.
  • Temporary Suspension of Work: During the six-week lockdown, citizens will not be required to work. Economic support will be provided to ensure financial stability.

2. Social Program Deliveries:

  • Instacart-Like Delivery Service: A dedicated program, similar to Instacart, will be established to deliver essential goods, including food, supplies, and medications, directly to citizens’ homes.
  • National Guard Assistance: The National Guard will play a key role in facilitating these deliveries, ensuring the efficient and timely distribution of essential items to all citizens.

3. Financial Support:

  • Bills and Utilities: The government will cover essential bills and utilities, such as rent, electricity, water, and internet, for the duration of the lockdown.
  • Food Security: Citizens will receive financial support to ensure access to nutritious food throughout the lockdown.

Oversight and Evaluation

1. Transparency and Accountability: A dedicated oversight committee will ensure that resources are allocated appropriately and that citizens’ needs are met.

2. Regular Assessments: The policy’s effectiveness will be assessed regularly, and adjustments will be made as needed to address any emerging issues.

This comprehensive policy integrates COVID-19 containment measures with housing initiatives and support during the transitional lockdown. It aims to address public health concerns while ensuring the well-being and security of all citizens. Continuous evaluation and adaptation will be key to its success; which is why we present this policy in this format which can be adjusted as new strains and information come out.


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