Foreign Policy

It is time to move the USA into a global conversation, rather than pursuing global domination. We will no longer be policing the world. Instead, it is time for us to participate in peace. Not only allyship at a government level but at an individual citizen level, and at a community level. We will maintain security and allyship by being generous. This is not weakness, this is maturity.

Foreign Aid:

When aid is offered, it will be of a type which the country in question has requested. If aid is undesired, it is not aid; it is imposition. Moving forward, to the best of our ability we are providing our global neighbors with the outreach and support they truly want (rather than what we’ve decided for them), because what is good for our allies is good for our nation.

Foreign Aid will be designed to empower countries to grow on their own, towards their own future. If the USA is involved in developing laws in other countries, respect for human rights and equal opportunities will be of primary importance. Science based information will be used to inform all decisions regarding the specific nature, quantity, and delivery of aid.

When offering aid, we will take measures to ensure that the aid is provided with sustainability in mind. Short term aid will still be provided, but a higher emphasis will be placed on aid with longevity that is placed in the hands of our allies.

Energy facilities which we build for and with our allies will be sustainable and renewable energy sources, provided solely for the benefit of the country, not for our government’s gain off the lives and backs of those we claim to be helping, and the energy provided by these installations should be available to the population equitably.

Democracy and Influence:

Each country has the right to determine their own government and future. As with aid, we will only be assisting in establishing foreign governments in ways invited by that foreign nation’s people. The USA will no longer fund programs which are designed to violently inject our version of democracy into a foreign government. Self determination is paramount.

Legal systems we influence should aim in the direction of a right to life, a right to peaceful assembly, a right to education, a right to security, and a right to a clean and healthy environment. Available healthcare, education accessibility, and science funding should also be included in our preferences when invited to offer guidance to developing, reforming, and restructuring government systems of allied nations.


In international relationships, trade is the opposite of war. Countries which trade establish mutually beneficial relationships, and with that should develop mutual respect and gratitude. We hope to maximize trade with our allies, not only for the sharing of resources to the betterment of all, but to strengthen our bonds within the global community.

While maximizing trade, we simultaneously hope to minimize waste, environmental impact, and dangerous and exploitative work practices. To this purpose, all trade will be subject to triple bottom line accounting just as though they would if they operated within the USA, under the Unicorn Party’s Economic Policy.

International Community:

The USA has too long occupied a solipsistic position, separated, and acting above the other nations of the world. Our position must be one of equality with the other leaders of the world, not superiority. We must listen to the needs and the successes of our global, international community, in order to serve our own nation and strengthen those around us.

Our performance and respectability as a nation, when participating in NATO, the UN, and other international assemblies must improve. We must show our desire for diplomacy in actions and words, within and beyond such assemblies and summits.


The USA has been losing favor in the international community for some time by being short-fused and destructive, and by inserting ourselves into conflicts to which we were uninvited, unwanted, and ultimately detrimental to both ourselves and external conflicting states in a multitude of cases. It’s time we work on ourselves as a nation.

At present, our citizens are not equipped to interact with the global community. We need to be more inviting to visiting residents of our allied countries, as well as our immigrant communities. This means reducing biases and discriminatory practices against those for whom English is not their first language.

While education programs are important, our own education system is failing, and so we will not be taking it upon ourselves to educate the rest of the world. In the event that educational aid is requested, we will look to our allies who already have such organizations in place, with a better system of education than we may boast at this time.

We will be closing international military bases, and protecting our country while supporting our troops, by bringing them home. We will no longer be inserting ourselves into external conflicts in the hope of profiting. We will only get involved in foreign conflict in ways which will benefit all, namely by providing foreign aid.

In disputes which directly target the USA and its citizens, we guarantee we will follow the Geneva Convention, as well as strict deescalation directives. We must show the world we are ready for, and capable of peace.


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