Rights for Sentient Beings

Though most humans connect with their pets and other animals, the current reality for most is a connection based on fear. Outdated and scientifically debunked practices are still used on all manner of pets today (dogs specifically) that directly influence our relationships with them and the status of their position. It is widely viewed that we are meant to control them rather than foster a bond with them based on mutual respect. Intimidation tactics are not necessary to encourage desirable behavior.

Animal trainers and behaviorists across the world have proven that the most effective and ethical way to continue our relationship with animals is to treat them as the sentient lives they are. Many developed countries already implement ethical farming practices and smaller scale production/distribution. Ethical education is used by zookeepers for cooperative care with wildlife, force free dog trainers (who have made observing and understanding behavior their passion), and avid researchers who seek an unbiased view of animal intelligence. We are more than capable, as a society, to utilize our modern day scientific findings to improve the lives and quality of all beings we come into contact with.

Observing these rights of sentient beings will take into consideration the needs of all beings and will not seek to disrespect any species through anthropomorphic desires. Respect for all creatures means that we also acknowledge each species as their own without imparting our emotions onto them. This means that those who are human have the active choice for/against meat consumption, but cannot demonize any other species who may require it to survive (including a fellow human).

The majority of research does suggest that primarily plant based consumption for humans is ideal. This doesn’t include those with disabilities or health phenomenons we do not understand. That being said, animals who are raised for the means of consumption deserve and shall receive the appropriate care, stimulation, attention, and enrichment necessary for their species to have a fulfilling life. The observation and advancement of these rights will be continuing and ongoing with the progress of scientific discovery. This will enable us to provide the best possible accommodation to all sentient life.


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