Universal Basic Income

We figured if we’re covering housing, healthcare and education, y’all don’t need UBI, right? Wrong! People are still responsible for their transportation and other essentials. We think $2000 per month is a good number to start at. If you think… “But Jasmine, some places the cost of those things is much higher, and that $2000 won’t stretch as far.” Not to worry. We’re using the national and state economic index to figure out where people need more. That means we’ll be taking the index number of your state and multiplying it by 24.01 to get the UBI amount for each state. Mississippi has the lowest index number at 83.3, which is the least expensive place to live, so they get $2000/month. Oregon is higher, at 130.1, so they’ll get $3,123.70 per month. That’s my idea y’all, let me know if you got a better one.

The calculations are provided below:

83.3 = N_index = $2000

24.01 x state index = $2000

The monthly UBI amount will be reevaluated every year.

A = Minimum UBI
B = Lowest State Index
C = Yearly Constant
D = Query State
E = Monthly cost of livinge in state with N_index = 100

Subtract the past date CPI from the current date CPI and divide your answer by the past date CPI. Multiply the results by 100.


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