Anti-Indoctrination Policy

POLICY: Anti-Indoctrination HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU If a practice can’t go on without discrimination and abuse, it should not exist. We must separate the abuse from healthy traditions, and codify that into something that can be broadly applied. This policy alone will not end child predation, brainwashing, hazing, racism, anti-queerness, etc., but the […]

Agriculture Policy

POLICY: Agriculture HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU Our world is increasingly vulnerable to environmental collapse. To ensure continued abundance in natural resources, we as a country must prioritize sustainable cultivation and natural conservation.  Plant cultivation:  One stressor on the natural environment is excessive imbalance caused by large concentrations of unfixed nitrogen (usually brought on […]

Death With Dignity

POLICY: Death with Dignity HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU Every person deserves to have dominion over and choice in their end-of-life experience. No individual should be forced to endure prolonged suffering merely to prevent the inevitable outcome of death. Just as no person is coerced to choose death, no person should be forced to […]

Firearm Education Policy

POLICY: Firearm Education HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU Introduction: Jasmine Sherman’s administration recognizes the prevalent concerns surrounding firearms in the United States. It is imperative to address these apprehensions with a comprehensive approach that prioritizes both regulation and education. Our policy recognizes the wide array of fears and anxieties regarding firearms within our communities. […]

Age Cap Policy

POLICY: Age Caps HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU Introduction: We propose a comprehensive reform that addresses the issues of both age and tenure in Congress. Firstly, we support an age cap of 65 for all public servants, ensuring that our legislative bodies remain diverse and representative of the American population. Capitol Hill is currently […]

Decriminalization of Drug Use & Possession Policy

POLICY: Decriminalizing Drug Use & Possession HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU More than 1.5 million drug arrests are made every year in the U.S. – the overwhelming majority for possession only. Decriminalization is the process through which the legislature removes criminal sanctions against an act, omission, article, or behavior which is considered a crime. […]

Conventional Rights of Children Policy

POLICY: Conventional Rights of Children HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU In recent years we have observed an increase in more communicative and supportive parenting techniques that allow children to better process their needs and emotions. The phenomenon that is “gentle parenting” is becoming a more widespread practice as newer generations dissect the advantages of […]

Education Policy

POLICY: Education HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU Introduction: This policy is a series of additions and revisions to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) and the FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). The goal of this policy is to ensure that public schools provide students, teachers, and staff the tools […]

Rights for Sentient Beings Policy

POLICY: Rights for Sentient Beings HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU Though most humans connect with their pets and other animals, the current reality for most is a connection based on fear. Outdated and scientifically debunked practices are still used on all manner of pets today (dogs specifically) that directly influence our relationships with them […]

Death Penalty Policy

POLICY: Death Penalty HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU *Jasmine wishes to inform the readers that this post is being preserved to uphold transparency. While the death penalty contradicts the Green Party’s platform, it would be disingenuous to ignore the evolution of Jasmine’s stance on this matter. Their transition from previous support to a different […]


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