Immigration Reform Policy

POLICY: Immigration Reform HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU We are going back to the policy of used between 1880 and 1920, a time of rapid industrialization and urbanization, America received more than 20 million immigrants. Beginning in the 1890s, the majority of arrivals were from Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. In that decade alone, […]

Triple Bottom Line Accounting Policy

POLICY: Triple Bottom Line Accounting HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU Infringements on human life and the quality of human life, as well as environmental destruction, have costs, which as of 2022, no one is paying. We insist that responsible parties be held accountable financially for their participation in destructive and dangerous practices and production. […]

Foreign Policy

POLICY: Foreign Policy HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU It is time to move the USA into a global conversation, rather than pursuing global domination. We will no longer be policing the world. Instead, it is time for us to participate in peace. Not only allyship at a government level but at an individual citizen […]

Universal Basic Income Policy

POLICY: Universal Basic Income HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU Individual Monthly UBI & Expense Worksheet We figured if we’re covering housing, healthcare and education, y’all don’t need UBI, right? Wrong! People are still responsible for their transportation and other essentials. We think $2000 per month is a good number to start at. If you […]

Reparations Policy

POLICY: Reparations HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU Black people have been owed reparations for generations, something that our government promised —and failed to deliver time and time again. The entire foundation of the USA was built on the backs and unpaid labor of enslaved African Americans. Even today, almost two centuries after the 13th […]

Accessible Medical Equipment: Service Dogs

POLICY: Accessible Medical Equipment: Service Dogs HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU With the amount of disabled individuals in the United States increasing, creating better access to healthcare is one of the primary drivers of the Unicorn Party. Healthcare is a right that every citizen should have and that includes having the option to choose […]

Guaranteed Housing Policy

POLICY: Guaranteed Housing HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU There are almost 600,000 people in the United States without a roof over their heads. Of the ones with places to live, over 100 million rent. Of those who live in homes, which they think they own, over 200 million have their homes mortgaged. Less than […]

Universal Healthcare Policy

POLICY: Universal Healthcare HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU The Unicorn Party and Jasmine Sherman, presidential candidate, have come together to create a policy that aligns with our principles that we hold so dear. A healthcare system that does the most! It can to improve the health of all Americans, which will protect people from […]

Social Security Policy

POLICY: Social Security HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU Social Security Income (SSI) is intended to be a retirement plan, but as it stands, it is inefficient and ineffective. It continues to rob the younger workforce while providing insufficient funds to the retired population. Currently everyone pays between 6.2% to 12.4% of all wages into […]

Tax Policy & Plan

POLICY: Tax Policy & Plan HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU The economic crisis was caused by corporate greed and an unwillingness of the government to regulate them. We cannot dismiss the long history of Wall Street and corporate CEO-friendly economic policies that have led to an economy that is dangerously out of balance. Corporate […]


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