Decriminalize Sex Work Policy

POLICY: Decriminalize Sex Work HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU Sex work is the consensual exchange of sex between adults for a fee. Criminalizing adult, voluntary, and consensual sex, which includes the commercial exchange of sexual services, is not compatible with the human right to personal autonomy and privacy. The government should not be telling […]

Foster Care & Adoption Policy

POLICY: Foster Care & Adoption HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU The for-profit adoption system in the United States is effectively legal human trafficking, and foster care is full of abusive people with no regard for children’s well-being. Major changes are necessary to put children’s mental and physical safety first. Children will no longer be […]

Abolishment of Child Marriage Policy

POLICY: Abolishment of Child Marriage HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU A child marriage is any marriage in which at least one spouse is under the age of 18. The marriage age is determined by each state, territory, and federal district in the United States. After accounting for all exemptions, there is not a statutory […]

Environment & Infrastructure Policy

POLICY: Environment & Infrastructure HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU Climate change is showing its predicted effects day after day, year after year. We need to completely change the way we interact with global ecology, geology, and meteorology. There is no single answer; the problem is centuries of pursuing profit at the expense of the […]

Public Utility Conversion Policy

POLICY: Public Utility Conversion HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU Under our current system, basic needs are fulfilled by purchasing goods and services. Production of goods and services are not organized according to human needs nor is ecological sustainability considered. Currently, production is organized by private economic interests, with the goal being profit maximization and […]

Disability Policy

POLICY: Disability HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU This policy is a series of additions and revisions to the Americans with Disabilities Act, the medical standards of care, and the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards. The goal of this policy is to ensure that all Americans with disabilities are guaranteed the same rights, care, dignity, and […]

COVID-19 Policy

POLICY: COVID-19 HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU Introduction: In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and in conjunction with our existing COVID-19 policy, we propose a comprehensive approach that includes a six-week transitional lockdown starting on the 92nd day of Jasmine Sherman’s presidency. This integrated policy combines measures such as mandatory masking, mandatory vaccinations, […]

Landback Policy

POLICY: Land Back HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU Our campaign is still drafting the landback policy in an ongoing conversation led by vice-presidential candidate Tanda Blubear. Please come back later to see the finished policy – or keep in touch to join the conversation!

Transgender Rights & Protections Policy

POLICY: Transgender Rights & Protections HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU Introduction: The United States government, under the Sherman administration, is committed to ensuring equal rights, protections, and opportunities for all individuals; including transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals. This federal policy seeks to promote equity, eliminate discrimination, and protect the rights of transgender people in various […]

Abolish the Police Policy

POLICY: Abolish the Police HAVE THIS POLICY READ TO YOU Introduction: When a person makes any mistake, America‚Äôs focus is on punishing that person, rather than solving the problem that was caused. The American justice system is not broken; it is functioning exactly as intended, since its inception to catch runaway slaves. The U.S. police […]


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